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    Our Work
Charge Across Town connects people to electric transportation by providing experiential events, forums, and test-drives to the general public in the latest electric cars (EVs) and eMobility options.


Charge Across Town’s EV Week outreach and education events – promoting the adoption of electric vehicles – have reached thousands of Bay Area residents and workers. At EV Week events, the latest plug-in and electric vehicles on the market are on display and available for test drive on city streets. Through social media and press coverage of EV Week, city and state government initiatives encouraging the use of electric vehicles have become more widely known in the Bay Area, the epicenter of EV adoption.

    In 2012 and 2013, EV Week reached thousands of people, and:

  • Conducted over 3000 ride and drives in plug-in and electric vehicles;
  • Showcased solar and EV charging options and technologies;
  • Provided consumer information on electric vehicle rebate programs, and utility rates for home EV charging;
  • Produced the 1-2-3’s of EVs – a consumer friendly guide to EV charging;
  • Held forums and discussions with experts on electric vehicle infrastructure, the myths of EV ownership and feasibility, and technology and EV lifestyle issues;
  • Surveyed over 600 attendees on EV awareness and ownership, resulting in a 77% interest in driving or owning an EV in the next 1-2 years.

In 2014, Charge Across Town is broadening EV Week to an eMobility campaign which embraces multi-modal transportation, including all types of electric vehicles (cars, bicycles, buses, motorcycles, trikes), and the electronic means to connect individuals with the cleanest, greenest forms of transportation available.